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Some Nintendo DS games / applications I did, available for download. All projects on this page have been done with PAlib.

Qix 0.1

In 1981, Taito released a classic. Qix is a game about caging animated lines with boxes. I took the animation part and made a small PAlib demo with it. You can limit the space the animation uses as well as start and stop the animation. 2008-08-31

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PolyTouch 0.1

In my second NDS release, I'm doing some more research. How do polygons behave? How can I draw them with PAlib? How can I modify them easily with stylus and pad? The answer is PolyTouch. Can you spot all the examples included? 2008-08-28

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PONG extreme 0.1

My first Nintendo DS homebrew game. Another clone of Pong, this time with support for the Taito Paddle Controller. And ideas of "Synesthasia", albeit only vague. 2008-08-27

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PONG extreme



Redistribution of ZIP archives downloaded on this page via Web and Mail ok (see distribution.txt, included in every archive). This includes using the included coverart and icon for websites to illustrate that download. Every other means of redistribution only with written consens from René C. Kiesler.

Web-redistribution only with clickable link to http://nds.kiesler.at/ . Just linking to http://nds.kiesler.at/ instead of providing the ZIP preferred. But please no hot-linking directly to the ZIP files!


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